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ASD/LRFD Manual ASD/LRFD Manual: National Design Specification for Wood Construction. From http://www.ICC-ES.ORG, 2153 KB Design For Code Acceptance 3, Fire Rated Systems (awc.org) From http://awc.org/publications/DCA/DCA3/DCA3.pdf, 2153 KB APA—The Engineered Wood Association APA—The Engineered Wood Association publications regarding i-joists List of publications at http://www.apawood.org/level_c.cfm?content=pub_joi_libmain GA Fire Resistance Design Manual The 20th edition of the Gypsum Association’s flagship publication depicts over 600 systems that may be used for fire-rated walls and partitions, floor/ceiling systems, roof/ceiling systems, and to protect columns, beams, and girders. http://www.gypsum.org/products/publications/fire-resistance-design-manual-ga-600-12

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ICC Evaluation Service http://www.ICC-ES.ORG American Forest & Paper Association http://www.afandpa.org APA—The Engineered Wood Association http://www.apawood.org The Gypsum Association www.gypsum.org

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